Thursday, 9 May 2013

My List revisited!


I've just been mooching through my old blog posts from two years ago, and came across a list! This had things on that i wanted to do and achieve in the future so I thought it would be nice to look back and see whats changed! It was a bit weird reading things my younger self had written and wanted for the future.

1.Go see my bestest friend in Coventry -this didnt happen :(
2.Learn how to drive - Finally got round to this at the age of 18! and still learning!
3.Drive to many cool places including:
-the traf centre
-somewhere so fabulous i haven't though of it yet.   - this hasnt happened as I've still not passed my test
4.Go on regular runs - I started but never carried this on but I now exercise a lot more
5.Improve my posture - I went to physio a whole 2 times and couldnt be bothered...
6.Go to Switzerland - I atually went that year and it was amazing!
7.Book a holiday to Jersey - I flew out that summer and went camping with my friend for a week :)
8.Buy my self some designer goodies - I have a michael kors purse now and some viv westwood jewellery
9.Keep my room more tidy - This was never going to happen
10.Make my room pretty - Im still in the process of collecting cute things
11.Think before i speak - Hmm I'd like to think i did this but..
12.Get rid of some people in my life - I have no idea who this was ever even aimed at!
13.Dance til my feet hurt - On many nights out i have achieved this one
14.REVISE - Sadly i didnt for my alevels and only achieved average results
15.Do well in my exams - I didnt do too well at Alevel but i hope to in my Uni ones I've just done
16.Go on to my second year in college - Yep did this and now just completed year 1 at uni!
17.Follow my heart - I'd say i do everything that makes me happy!
18.Make some new friends - Ive made lots at uni and hope to make even more :)
19.Stay close to the people who mean the most to me - A few friends have drifted but i still have some amazing friends that im so close to
20.Start saving my pennies -Ive become better at saving and managed not to blow my whole loan yet!
21.Be Happy - Check!!
All in all I've managed quite a few things! I might update this list and add a few more things in, its nice to look back and see what i wanted and what i ended up doing/achieving! i reccomend writing one and going back to it in the future :)
Lots of love

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