Friday, 1 July 2011

BIrthday Celebrations!

So i finnaly turned 17 on June 25 which means i can learn how to drive! Im so excited but i should probably actually apply for my provisional licence!

Well anyway I went for a night out with my friends from college and highschool and we had a ball dancing the night away however my heels which i thought would be very comfy didnt turn out tobe as comfy as i thought! Well anyway i thought i would put some snaps up of my fabulous night!

Here are some fabby cupcakes my friend made for me they spell out 'princess turk' hehehe so yummy! <3

Much Love.

Friday, 24 June 2011

Tweet tweet

Hola my lovelies!

just a quick note to mention that i have twitter! I have had it for a while but incase you didnt know here is the link so you can keep more upto date with my goings on and hear more of my wonderful and wacky thoughts!

hehehe hope all is well!

  Love Love.

Ps here is a latest piccy from when i went out with one of my fave girlies for some drinky poos :)

Monday, 9 May 2011

RedLips, oh la la

I thought i would go for a daring look to see how it would work out. I always stay well clear from the bold colours on my lips but i thought i would try it one more time to see if i liked it and to my suprise i was quite happy with the result!
I used a a Estee Lauder lipstick in matte, scarlet and this colour is a really deep red.

I teamed it with a neautral face and thickish winged liner!

I took a piccy to show you all! xxxxx

      Much Love and lipstick kisses

Tuesday, 15 March 2011

All night long..

Went  for a cheeky night out with my girlies on Saturday!
Had a lovely night with a few tasty cocktails, outfits are always an issue as i never know what to wear so i borrowed a top courtesy of my friend, hehe!

Much love

Monday, 28 February 2011

The List.

thought i would make a quick note of things i want to do this year!
its only the begining of 2011 and with two months gone i dont want to waste anymore!

1.Go see my bestest friend in Coventry
2.Learn how to drive
3.Drive to many cool places including:
 -the traf centre
 -somewhere so fabulous i haven't though of it yet.
4.Go on regular runs
5.Improve my posture
6.Go to Switzerland
7.Book a holiday to Jersey
8.Buy my self some designer goodies
9.Keep my room more tidy
10.Make my room pretty
11.Think before i speak
12.Get rid of some people in my life
13.Dance til my feet hurt
15.Do well in my exams
16.Go on to my second year in college
17.Follow my heart
18.Make some new friends
19.Stay close to the people who mean the most to me
20.Start saving my pennies
21.Be Happy.

Much Love

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

my new babiessss

finnaly found some!
these only set me back a tenner! from primark! .i love  them! i wear with skinny jeans or even skirt and tights. I am not going to lie at first i thought they were a waste of my money and i nearly took them back! shame on me, but i have grown to love my moccasins :)


Much loveeeee