Sunday, 8 August 2010

Nails inc - stanhope gardens

Well this is a limited edition do £22.50 . Yes that is veryyy pricey however i thought for that price it must be worth it! so i went for it! the colour is a minty green and can compare to the shade barry m brought out which is a soft minty green pastel colour that a lot of people rave about. I put this on just before i went away to jersey for a week where i would be ddoing water sports like surfing kayaking ect, It has pretty good staying power however the colour changed from this minty green to a light blue/turquoise colour!! I found this veryyy odd! I love the colour and that it lats however the downside is that it is soo messy when applying! im not the best at apllication but this is hard to work with!And its one of those varnishes that you have to wait ages otherwise it smudges... the first coat seems a bit thin and streaky aswell but after the 2/3 coat its a really nice thick bold colour.

I still have mixed feelings about this..defo not worth £22.50. Sorry nails inc i think i will be trying the barry m mint green over your stanhope gardens!!

All my lovess and hugs!


  1. oh, i thought nails inc was really good, definately not worth the price!

  2. I didn't think nails inc are worth the price either, for how cheap barry m are. the only expensive nail varnishes I like are OPI. :)

  3. hey hun lovee the colour and if i had the money so spend on that i would have brought it too... =) its the most stunning colour... do u think the nails inc brand is better than op or barry m? which do you like best? x i have a few of each of those brands and id say i love the barry m best but wud b good to see what u think =)

    Aimee x

  4. i love barry m so much. Honestly, i think you should try barry m mint green its worth the very little cost it is :)

  5. i love your yt videos, and i love the colour of your nails(: <3