Monday, 9 May 2011

RedLips, oh la la

I thought i would go for a daring look to see how it would work out. I always stay well clear from the bold colours on my lips but i thought i would try it one more time to see if i liked it and to my suprise i was quite happy with the result!
I used a a Estee Lauder lipstick in matte, scarlet and this colour is a really deep red.

I teamed it with a neautral face and thickish winged liner!

I took a piccy to show you all! xxxxx

      Much Love and lipstick kisses


  1. you look lovely, suits you so much xx

  2. It really does suit you,, your so pretty and I love your youtube videos, keep it up :)
    izzy <3 xxx

  3. Ah you're so beautiful! And red definitely suits you! I love red lipstick, red and coral! :) xxx